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Friday, May 27, 2011


Team SUCCESS does it again! One more feat accomplished and one more SUCCESS in the RIFT SUCCESS arsenal with the addition of the RIFT SUCCESS Toolbar. Our CEO likes to be able to get to where he needs at lighting fast speeds and the current toolbars offered by normal web browsers were not cutting the mustard. This led him to invoke on the powers of Team SUCCESS. Tan tadda dan! No problem, we've got his back and this request covered. After such a wonderful thank you to our entire team, there was no way we were letting him down!

What did we come up with? An easy to use, fully customizable, low bandwidth, social bookmarking, jamming toolbar. Complete with all the trimmings like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and an RSS feed. We added Online Radio, TV, a translator, Location Maps, Similar Sites, Weather, and a Shopping App. Not only that, but you can tune into your local radio stations with the click of a play button. We spared nothing and are able to find the sites you need quickly and efficiently.

The RIFT SUCCESS Toolbar limits your load time and finds any website you're looking for in a flash. It is easy to install and uninstall as well. One of the features which we know was necessary was email, so we made sure that you can attach all of your email addresses and get your mail right away. What is the greatest feature? It's free! No mailing lists to add yourself to, no hidden fees, simply click and download to your browser. It's fully compatible with IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, and most other browsers.

In his own words, Junior Sanchez {LION} states, "I love this toolbar! I can get to the places I need anytime I need to without waiting for load times. I'm a pretty busy person, if throughout the day I need to get to several sites, those seconds spent waiting for a search engine to load can easily add up to an hour by the end of the day. I knew if there was something that could be done, Team SUCCESS would do it!"

We got the seal of approval from our CEO and the rest of the RIFT SUCCESS Family so we launched it to the public. Our product did exactly as we said it would do and was liked by the mainstream tech community. So much so, that we were already given 5 stars on three tech sites:

5 stars award from www.download25.com

 1.0 : 5 Stars Award at redsofts.com !

RIFT SUCCESS Toolbar: 5 Star Award at kingdownloads.com !

The RIFT SUCCESS Toolbar can be found at any of these sites as well:

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Feel free to download on our site as well here. Customize, utilize, share, and enjoy!

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