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Friday, May 6, 2011

The RIFT SUCCESS Job Board Makeover

While traditional look and feel career websites become too uniformed to tell them apart from each other, RIFT SUCCESS pushes the envelope into the new Human Resources era.  Our websites are flashy and interactive, hip and fun, colorful and energetic; bringing millions of viewers monthly to their presence.  If for nothing more, at least an upbeat wake up to a typically mundane day.  We thank our critics, for the more they fuss, the more we turn up the music…besides, who likes those neighbors that tell you to turn it down when you’re having a party?  And that is exactly what we have on our websites, a constant party!  Why should job searching, job posting, and recruiting be so tedious when it doesn’t have to be?  It won’t on our watch!

Our RIFT SUCCESS Company site www.riftsuccess.com and RIFT SUCCESS – 2nd Chance Division www.riftsuccess.org have already felt the wave of a makeover, it was time to do the same for The RIFT SUCCESS Job Board.  After weeks of working tirelessly, Team SUCCESS finally completed its full fledged new look.  Thank you to all of the wonderful suggestions from our job seekers, employers, and fans.  We took everything you submitted to us and did what RIFT SUCCESS does…created the impossible.  A fun, professional, and interactive space where job seekers, employers, and hr professionals can come fill all of their employment needs.  Your One Stop Shop has now gotten the official RIFT SUCCESS seal of approval!

  New Features:   

Easier Navigation
Posting OpportunitiesPosting Opportunities
More Job Board Posting Opportunities
More JobsMore Jobs
More Jobs Available
Classified Ads Section
Post Your Fivver or GigMe5 Gigs
Featured SitesFeatured Sites
A Slider Where Business Can Opt To Have Their Websites Displayed
A Salary Calculator
The RIFT SUCCESS Newsletter
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