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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Importance Of Networking

Networking is perhaps one of the most essential elements that significantly contributes to business success stories. It is not only vital for those who are looking for expand their product presence in the market, but also for those who are looking for new job opportunities. Whether you are interested in getting marketing jobs or are simply interested in investment ideas, networking will take you a long way if you do it right. Ultimately, the people in your network know you the best and could therefore provide you with references in order to get you where you need to be.

The benefits of networking
If you are currently looking for a job, it may be quite difficult to find the right one considering the current economic situation. If you don’t have much work experience, then it is even more difficult. In a lot of cases, you have to work really hard just to convince the HR manager, future employer, whoever is interviewing you, that you are the right person for the job and that you can become an asset to the company. Graduate jobs in particular could prove to be an uphill battle unless you have obtained credible endorsements from your contacts.

When maintaining your contacts, it is important to stay noticed. So make sure that you regularly comment on LinkedIn groups and blogs that are relevant to the industry that you work in. Also do this with your Twitter account. If you do this regularly, then it shows that you are passionate about what you do to potential recruiters. Also, your contacts will be more likely to give you a recommendation because they see the passion in what you do.

It is also important to mention that good networking will eventually have an effect on the movement within or across “the system”. With the system, I am referring to your career path. The more people you know, the bigger your network is, the more likely that you will have smoother career changes. Make sure when you network, to network down, up, and across your system. Meaning, don’t just focus on your industry and your expert field, but also try to connect with others who could potentially indirectly mean something to do in the future.

Lastly, the more you extend your network the more knowledgeable you will become in your industry due to the additional relevant information you are receiving from your network. Marketing professionals in particular are major beneficiaries of networking. Also, don’t forget that recruiters and/or potential employers will know how big your network is (think about your LinkedIn profile) so the more contacts, the more likely your chances are of getting the interview.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Smart Steps To Qualify For A Home Loan

Are you planning to buy your dream house? Before you start looking for a property ensure that you qualify for a home loan. You might not be able to buy your dream home if you do not qualify for your loan. You can easily improve your credit report so that you are eligible to qualify for a home loan. If you qualify for a home loan then you can easily get loan on affordable rate as that will be easier to pay off. 

1. Make sure that you set a goal that will be achievable for you. You can approach your real estate agent to guide you so that he can help you estimate the amount that you are required to pay each month. A reliable agent can calculate the amount that you are required to pay as loan inclusive of taxes, insurance and maintenance. Therefore, your lender can decide the amount you can get as loan that will be affordable for you to repay after reviewing your financial situation. 

2. Make sure that you disclose your financial situation to your creditors honestly. If your financial situation is not smooth then you can convince your lenders by providing evidence of your hike or new source of income.

3. Before you apply for a home loan make sure that you prepare a budget in accordance with you financial situation so that you can save considerable amount of money for a down payment. If you make a down payment then it will not be difficult to acquire a loan on affordable interest rate in case your financial situation has not improved yet. 

4. You can look for additional source of income so that your financial situation improves in order to get loan on affordable interest rate. If you work as a freelancer on your spare time then you can earn considerable amount of money. You can curb your flamboyant lifestyle so that you can save money for making a down payment. Once you have accumulated enough money for a down payment then you can apply for a home loan. 

5. Make sure you start working for paying off your debts so that you can improve your credit report. Once your credit score increases then you can get loan on affordable interest rate. You can consolidate your multiple debts into a single monthly payment so that you can diligently pay off your debts. 

6. Look for foreclosed home or home on sale then it will be within your budget. You can get home with an assumable mortgage then you can pay the amount deducted from the selling price and the remaining amount owed on the loan. You can take over the payment on the mortgage along with the interest rate on it. But you are still required to qualify for this type of loan program.

Therefore, these are six easiest ways to qualify for a home loan.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011




We are dedicated to establishing unquestionable customer satisfaction and long lasting relationships through world-class quality service and ethical business practices.


We are a group of professionals with years of experience in a wide range of industries.RIFT SUCCESS, LLC recruits the best of the best in order to provide our clients and colleagues with a new level of SUCCESS. Our team’s tireless dedication, professionalism, and passion are the front line of the RIFT SUCCESS business model, which is why RIFT isSUCCESS!


Competing for business is quite the task, especially if you haven’t branded your company and/or product line effectively. Team SUCCESS can help you do just that for a fraction of the competition’s cost. Whether it’s logos, banners, or entire websites, no task is too big or too small. We guarantee your brand will stand out from the rest!


RIFT SUCCESS is able to be the rift in the miss-communication between employees and employers because we provide solutions that are beneficial to all parties involved. With so many options out there, both job seekers and employers, find it difficult to choose what’s right for them. Keeping that in mind, we designed our staffing & recruiting programs to be not only easy to understand and use, but also affordable to purchase. Our job seekers enjoy the opportunity to work with prominent recruiters at no charge, while our employers fill their open positions at prices that are significantly less than other staffing agencies.


As a small business, RIFT SUCCESS understands how challenging it is to find high quality low cost web design, optimization, and development services. For that very reason, Team SUCCESS has embarked on a journey to create affordable and result driven programs designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Our SEO programs will help you effectively compete with big business while keeping your costs at a minimum. Suite SUCCESS and our Traffic Booster give you the freedom to concentrate on other areas of your organization while your sites climb to the top of the internet charts.


There are millions of providers out there that can tell you that their services are the best, but not many will show you how they arrived at that conclusion. RIFT SUCCESS can! We guarantee 99% service up-time, 24/7 support, no set up fees, and a 30 day money back guarantee. All of our packages give you the option to choose where you want your sites to be located in order to get ultimate load speeds. Starting at only $2.95 per month, we know we have savings for you on our mind!

True SUCCESS in life is measured by how gracefully you overcome obstacles.~Junior Sanchez {LION}

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hot New RIFT SUCCESS Introduction Video

Here is the hot new introduction video for RIFT SUCCESS, courtesy of the Hip Hop Nation. Thank you all for the wonderful work and the great energy.


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Monday, August 22, 2011


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

The RIFT SUCCESS Daily Has Arrived!

Want to keep up with the latest business headlines?  Looking to stay on top of the most up to date job and employment information? Like the newspaper and just don't want to pay subscription fees to see what's going on in the world?  Then you've come to the right place!  RIFT SUCCESS and paper.li have the solution for all of your needs with The RIFT SUCCESS Daily.  An online newspaper updated every 24 hours in order to provide viewers with the most up to date information on the Web.

What Can I See On The RIFT SUCCESS Daily?

The RIFT SUCCESS Daily provided its viewers with the following:
  • Latest Headlines
  • Business News
  • Stories From Around The Web
  • Technology News & Updates
  • Health Information
  • Art & Entertainment News
  • Education Information
  • Jobs and Employment Tips and News
The greatest thing is that now you don't even have to worry about subscribing to an RSS Feed!  You can now get the paper delivered directly to your inbox daily at no charge!  Plus, it integrates with Twitter! Keep up with all of the news pertinent to our economy and stay informed faster than everyone else.  The RIFT SUCCESS Daily provides its viewers and subscribers with exactly what they are looking for when they are looking for it.  Jump on board and give it a shot!


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Promo Direct Chooses RIFT SUCCESS

Freedom 300x240 Promo Direct Chooses RIFT SUCCESS  
Promo Direct, a leader in the Discount Promotional Products Industry dedicated its services this Independence Day to honor the men and women serving our country.  In a time where all of our country’s soldiers are defending our Freedom, this was very much needed.  Promo Direct introduced a contest that would gift the winning business contestant 100 branded pens for their participation.  The rules of the contest were simple, you were to express your support for the US Troops in 50 words or more to be eligible.

RIFT SUCCESS took the lead initiative and respectfully answered the call of duty.  Those wonderful men and women who fight for us to keep our Freedom and aid others to find theirs are owed this and a whole lot more.  Our love and care for them had to be known to the world.

Our Comment

“The RIFT SUCCESS Family sends our love to all of our wonderful troops. Without your sacrifice, our business efforts could not be possible. You are in our thoughts and in our prayers daily through our diverse religious beliefs. We know you answered the call of duty to defend Freedom, and for that, we will always be in debt to you all. Stay safe and know that you are not forgotten.

To those who have lost their lives on our behalf, we thank you deeply and will honor your families as the days continue. The ultimate sacrifice you gave, the ultimate penalty you paid, but know that upon thy soldier’s grave, a step to a better future has been made.


We were contacted by Online Marketing Manager Susan Smith and informed that we were nominated as the winning entry.  For us, this was a wonderful win, we will be taking those pens once they arrive and will be distributing them among 100 children in the New York area.  In turn, we will be requesting them to each write a letter to a soldier.  What will be in this letter?  A simple thank you for their sacrifice and their feelings and thoughts on what Freedom means to them.

Thank you Promo Direct for the wonderful opportunity and honor.  This contest will go further and change more lives than you could have imagined.  And Thank You to all of our Troops, without your sacrifice, American Business would not be possible.

Be sure to visit the contest page for a preview at http://blog.promodirect.com/2011/06/independence-day-contest-by-promo-direct.html

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