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Friday, May 27, 2011


Team SUCCESS does it again! One more feat accomplished and one more SUCCESS in the RIFT SUCCESS arsenal with the addition of the RIFT SUCCESS Toolbar. Our CEO likes to be able to get to where he needs at lighting fast speeds and the current toolbars offered by normal web browsers were not cutting the mustard. This led him to invoke on the powers of Team SUCCESS. Tan tadda dan! No problem, we've got his back and this request covered. After such a wonderful thank you to our entire team, there was no way we were letting him down!

What did we come up with? An easy to use, fully customizable, low bandwidth, social bookmarking, jamming toolbar. Complete with all the trimmings like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and an RSS feed. We added Online Radio, TV, a translator, Location Maps, Similar Sites, Weather, and a Shopping App. Not only that, but you can tune into your local radio stations with the click of a play button. We spared nothing and are able to find the sites you need quickly and efficiently.

The RIFT SUCCESS Toolbar limits your load time and finds any website you're looking for in a flash. It is easy to install and uninstall as well. One of the features which we know was necessary was email, so we made sure that you can attach all of your email addresses and get your mail right away. What is the greatest feature? It's free! No mailing lists to add yourself to, no hidden fees, simply click and download to your browser. It's fully compatible with IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, and most other browsers.

In his own words, Junior Sanchez {LION} states, "I love this toolbar! I can get to the places I need anytime I need to without waiting for load times. I'm a pretty busy person, if throughout the day I need to get to several sites, those seconds spent waiting for a search engine to load can easily add up to an hour by the end of the day. I knew if there was something that could be done, Team SUCCESS would do it!"

We got the seal of approval from our CEO and the rest of the RIFT SUCCESS Family so we launched it to the public. Our product did exactly as we said it would do and was liked by the mainstream tech community. So much so, that we were already given 5 stars on three tech sites:

5 stars award from www.download25.com

 1.0 : 5 Stars Award at redsofts.com !

RIFT SUCCESS Toolbar: 5 Star Award at kingdownloads.com !

The RIFT SUCCESS Toolbar can be found at any of these sites as well:

Absolutely Free Software Downloads

All Soft Share

Your #1 Sofware Store


Download Orchard

Total Shareware


Soft Viewer

Only Free Software

ZEE Software

Files Incredible


A Free Go

Efree Down

Win Filez

Feel free to download on our site as well here. Customize, utilize, share, and enjoy!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday RIFT SUCCESS


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the magnificent work you have done over the course of the past year. Since our official unveiling on May 18, 2011, we have taken not only the Human Resources world by storm, but the Internet realm as well. Our client base has grown tremendously, our fan base exponentially, and our ability to help more and more people is now unmatched. Just to review with all of you what we've accomplished. We have not only transformed the RIFT SUCCESS website into a masterpiece of True SUCCESS, but we have also opened and established as top sites, the RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division, and the RIFT SUCCESS Job Board. Do you understand how truly a phenomenal feat that is for our business? We have carried our model to heights even I never expected it to be able to climb! In addition, we have expanded our services and have partnered with some of the most wonderful organizations, companies, and individuals in the world. Leaders and debutants, movers and shakers, the True Creme de la Creme!

As the RIFT SUCCESS days fill with more opportunities to aid others, I notice how eager you all are to accomplish our goals and continue on course to fulfill our destiny...to help everyone, one person at a time. I am humbled daily by your fervor, love, passion, and respect for our work. You are not staff members or employees here you are FAMILY! I would like the 1 year anniversary of RIFT SUCCESS in the spotlight to mean something other than the bottom line figure. This day for me personally, marks the best ROI any CEO can hope for. We've not only invested in each other & blown the competition away, but we have reset the parameters of the recruiting realm to undo its mundane mediocrity. What's best, is we have done it together. Each of you had a hand in this SUCCESS, so to me, YOU are the Return on this Investment! You are the best group of people I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my days with. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

I would like to extend a personal thank you to our COO Jennifer Rasbach, whose role in our family has been absolutely instrumental, and without whom we would not be where we are today. For her dedication, service, and love of our family; on behalf of our family, I am gifting her with the first of its kind award. The RIFT SUCCESS TRUE SERVICE Crystal Award. This is just a small token to show our COO just how precious she is to the RIFT SUCCESS Family and Team SUCCESS. Thank you for all that you do, and I am sorry for being such a pain sometimes. :0)

A special thanks to our fans, followers, friends, relatives, colleagues, partners, and affiliates who have made this possible!

To our new team members, the road is just beginning, RIFT SUCCESS is going to chance the face of business as we know it so hang on tight! We aren't a company or an organization, we're a MOVEMENT!

With Love, Honor, and Respect, Happy Birthday RIFT SUCCESS!


Junior Sanchez {LION}

Chief Executive Officer



RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division


RIFT SUCCESS Interactive

Facebook Fan Page




~True SUCCESS in life is measured by how gracefully you overcome obstacles.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

RIFT SUCCESS Passes The Torch

RIFT SUCCESS Passes The Torch
RIFT SUCCESS Passes The Torch

It has almost been a year since the official grand opening of RIFT SUCCESS, LLC and we've undergone many major overhauls. Our systems have all been upgraded, our sites updated, more affiliates and partners have been acquired, and our staff has grown exponentially.  Our growth has given us the opportunity to expand our programs and our services to include outsourcing, consulting, advertising, job board posting, classified ads, logo creation, banner creation, website creation, SEO development tools, and B2B loans to our already existing recruiting and temporary staffing model.

The RIFT SUCCESS - Second Chance Division, our nonprofit organization, has experienced great SUCCESS in the fight against recidivism with their Second Chance Program which facilitates workforce reentry for the ex-incarcerated.  Not only has it been able to integrate with the NYS Prison System, it has also been able to begin implementing programs throughout the US and abroad.  The volunteer force behind the RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division have provided the ability to enter the confines of the prison system and make changes for the outside from within.

RIFT SUCCESS, LLC is so proud of the hard work and progress our 2nd Chance Division has accomplished that we've decided to give them a gift a few days earlier than our 1 year anniversary.  RIFT SUCCESS, LLC officially passes the torch of the RIFT SUCCESS seal of approval to the RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division!  What exactly does that mean?  Well, that means that the RIFT SUCCESS original website template now belongs to the 2nd Chance Division.  The very work that has amassed us a large following and massive traffic is now officially the face of the RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division.  They deserve to know how much they mean to us and how honored we are to have them with this token of our gratitude.  Thank you to all who have made this possible!

Feel free to check out the RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division's new website at www.riftsuccess.org

With the new gift to our nonprofit 2nd Chance DivisionRIFT SUCCESS, LLC faced a small issue...what happens to the RIFT SUCCESS website?  A dilemma that was solved by our wonderful development department, Team SUCCESS!  Team SUCCESS went back to the drawing board and restructured the entire RIFT SUCCESS platform from the ground up.  They've added new features, new content, new pages, disclaimers, a newsletter, and services.  But where will all of these things go if the original RIFT SUCCESSplatform is no longer available to RIFT SUCCESS, LLC?  The answer came in a brand new state of the art template to use on theRIFT SUCCESS website.  If you're reading this on our blog, then chances are you're already taking a look.  If you're reading this via other news sources, you need to definitely check it out at www.riftsuccess.com!

We anticipate wonderful and exciting things in our future and invite you all to become a part of the RIFT SUCCESS Family!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RIFT SUCCESS 101 - The Cover Letter

Cover Letter
Cover Letter
In this chapter of RIFT SUCCESS 101 we discuss the coveted Cover Letter.  We get tons of requests for help with this particular area of the resume submission process.  It appears, that many fear the cover letter because they don't understand exactly what to include in its contents.  No it isn't a complete rewording of your resume, no it isn't a form letter or application, and no it isn't where you beg them for a job.  A cover letter is your prime opportunity to establish a relationship with a potential employer.  If written out with care and purpose, it can mean the difference between getting the job or not.  Remember, you haven't met this person yet, and your resume is an outline of what you have done in your career, so make sure that your cover letter has a personal aspect to it in order to build a rapport.  How do you do that?  Well, first and foremost; be sure to include the name of the company it is being addressed to, the title of the position you are applying for, and if possible the name of the addressee.

Another key point to remember when writing your cover letter is that it answers the following questions, "What makes you special and distinctive in your field of expertise?  Why should you be the one to hire?"  This is your prime sales pitch to the prospective employer so be sure to define yourself and your key areas of expertise.  Feel free to utilize wording from your resume, but not all, highlight only the important parts which pertain to the position you are applying for.  For instance, if the position you are applying for asks that you have a minimum of x amount of years experience in the field, then be sure that your bullet point states that you have led your team/have been a successful agent for x+ years etc., etc.,  Don't copy paste everything they've requested, outline how your career has gotten you the expertise to match what they've requested.

Okay, so we've covered the basic key points to include in your cover letter, but how do you write one?  No need to chew your nails, we are about to outline what to write and where to write it.  Our candidates have followed this to the letter (all puns intended) and have gotten phenomenal results.

If you don't want your cover letter to be separated from your resume, be sure you include your header.  This makes it easier for the person reading to match it with your resume should it become separated.  For ease, use the header you used in your resume.

Company Information
On the left hand side of your letter be sure to include the information for the company you are applying to.  Name, address, job reference number, job title, etc.

The "To Whom It May Concern" is very impersonal, be sure that if a contact person is given, you address them directly.  If no information is given about who to address it to (for instance an info@site.com) then take care to address it to the Hiring Manager or Human Resources Department.

The Body
  • Your First Paragraph - This should be short, sweet, and to the point.  Be sure to reference the position, that you are a perfect fit for the position, and that the highlights of your career are exactly what the position requires and more.
  • Your Second Paragraph - Here you can include 4 to 6 bullet points stating your experience, accomplishments, feats related to the position you are applying for.  Try to use some of their verbiage from their job description so that they can make a quick relation.  Your bullet points should be no longer than two lines, one line is best.

Now that you've gotten all of the body out of the way, you're ready for your final paragraph...the conclusion.  This paragraph is designed to tie it all together in a one sentence summary.  Be upbeat and energetic about looking forward to speaking/meeting with them to outline any further credentials in person.  Be sure to re-read and make any corrections as needed, and always use spell check.

And that's it!  The coveted Cover Letter is now complete and you're ready to send it out.  Wasn't so painful right?  The more you think about it, the more difficult it becomes to write.  Even if you aren't the best author, no one knows you better than yourself and the prospective employer has outlined what is needed to fill the position.  You have all the ammunition at your fingertips to get to the source and get yourself an appointment.

Be sure to come back for the next installment of RIFT SUCCESS 101 where we'll be revealing some secret interview tips that may land you the position the very same day.  In the meantime, make it a SUCCESSful day!

To submit your resume to our recruiting team simply visit RIFT SUCCESS or to apply for available positions visit the RIFT SUCCESS Job Board
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Friday, May 6, 2011

The RIFT SUCCESS Job Board Makeover

While traditional look and feel career websites become too uniformed to tell them apart from each other, RIFT SUCCESS pushes the envelope into the new Human Resources era.  Our websites are flashy and interactive, hip and fun, colorful and energetic; bringing millions of viewers monthly to their presence.  If for nothing more, at least an upbeat wake up to a typically mundane day.  We thank our critics, for the more they fuss, the more we turn up the music…besides, who likes those neighbors that tell you to turn it down when you’re having a party?  And that is exactly what we have on our websites, a constant party!  Why should job searching, job posting, and recruiting be so tedious when it doesn’t have to be?  It won’t on our watch!

Our RIFT SUCCESS Company site www.riftsuccess.com and RIFT SUCCESS – 2nd Chance Division www.riftsuccess.org have already felt the wave of a makeover, it was time to do the same for The RIFT SUCCESS Job Board.  After weeks of working tirelessly, Team SUCCESS finally completed its full fledged new look.  Thank you to all of the wonderful suggestions from our job seekers, employers, and fans.  We took everything you submitted to us and did what RIFT SUCCESS does…created the impossible.  A fun, professional, and interactive space where job seekers, employers, and hr professionals can come fill all of their employment needs.  Your One Stop Shop has now gotten the official RIFT SUCCESS seal of approval!

  New Features:   

Easier Navigation
Posting OpportunitiesPosting Opportunities
More Job Board Posting Opportunities
More JobsMore Jobs
More Jobs Available
Classified Ads Section
Post Your Fivver or GigMe5 Gigs
Featured SitesFeatured Sites
A Slider Where Business Can Opt To Have Their Websites Displayed
A Salary Calculator
The RIFT SUCCESS Newsletter
Come Check Us Out:
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The RIFT SUCCESS Job Board Makeover

The RIFT SUCCESS Job Board Makeover

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sweet SUCCESS with Suite SUCCESS

The Internet has become a complex and competitive space for businesses and organizations of all kinds. Webmasters and website owners are forced to constantly seek the best new products in order to keep up with their competitors, visitors, and ever emerging new technologies. At RIFT SUCCESS, we understand this because we were involved in the same search...until now!

After months of work, we have finally cracked the codec and are offering the results to the entire web. We've helped many of our clients and colleagues on their website SUCCESS and now extend the invitation to all. Our services and product lines will undoubtedly help you on your way to Internet Supremacy. Our websites are different, they're funky, new age, upbeat; we like it that way and continue to make them stand out from the competition. Even if your sites aren't as extravagant, we can still help. Our suite of tools is designed for any and all websites and will give you the extra leverage you need to stay ahead of the competition. Give them a try today and be a SUCCESS tomorrow!


Search Engine Site Submit 
Get your site listed to hundreds of search engines & directories. Click Here
Monitor Your Website 
Monitor your website and services for downtime, exploits, and blacklistings. External monitoring - no installation required. Click Here
Site Analytics Tool 
Optimize your online business with our comprehensive real-time traffic statistics. Click Here
Realtime Stats 
Realtime web traffic statistics and analytics. Works with Google Analytics or on its own. Click Here

For more information go to our SEO Page!