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Monday, October 25, 2010

RIFT SUCCESS Opens Market Brand In India

RIFT SUCCESS continues its global reach as it opens its market brand in India with the addition of Amit Mehra to its staff.  India's unemployment rate is climbing and without hesitation RIFT SUCCESS jumps in to lend a hand.  "We love the work that we do and always look to expand.  This employment epidemic needs to be attacked at its core if we're ever to find an antidote," says RIFT SUCCESS CEO Junior Sanchez {LION} in a conference while flipping through resumes, "I can't believe that so many brilliant people are seeking work everywhere, but are unable to find it.  It's a travesty to know that our global economy has made it nearly impossible for not only the average Joe, but for the most experienced experts to survive." 

Amit Mehra's role as GCD - Global Communications Director will undoubtedly showcase his various skills in the global market and allow RIFT SUCCESS to extend its welcoming arms to India's unemployed population.

"I can't wait until we're holding global conferences and inviting the entire world to join us in them," says COO Jennifer Rasbach, "everyone will be able to voice their opinions, concerns, and plans of implementation to battle the unemployment problem in the world.  Amit is an addition to Team SUCCESS that expands our reach and our abilities to help the situation."

About Amit Mehra

A dynamic MBA professional with over 12 years experience in Domestic & International sales, handling client support, coordinating logistics and administration of quality control systems.  Strong customer service mind-set, compliance focused, with ability to handle a high volume of work. Proven track records for diagnosing complex problems and delivering effective solutions. 

Proactive planner with abilities in devising effective strategies for augmenting business, identifying and penetrating new market segments, promoting products for business excellence.

Pioneer experience and record-breaking performance in CRM and International Business development environments.

Areas of Expertise

International Business Communications
Business Enhancement
Customer Relationship Management
Market Research
IT Service Management
Channel Management and Development
Brand Establishment
Techno Commercial
Client Servicing
Project Management

Amit joins RIFT SUCCESS at a pivotal point where our society is losing hope on future improvements.  His 12+ years of business development expertise will certainly come in handy when tackling such a worldwide problem.

Saturday, October 9, 2010