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Saturday, May 14, 2011

RIFT SUCCESS Passes The Torch

RIFT SUCCESS Passes The Torch
RIFT SUCCESS Passes The Torch

It has almost been a year since the official grand opening of RIFT SUCCESS, LLC and we've undergone many major overhauls. Our systems have all been upgraded, our sites updated, more affiliates and partners have been acquired, and our staff has grown exponentially.  Our growth has given us the opportunity to expand our programs and our services to include outsourcing, consulting, advertising, job board posting, classified ads, logo creation, banner creation, website creation, SEO development tools, and B2B loans to our already existing recruiting and temporary staffing model.

The RIFT SUCCESS - Second Chance Division, our nonprofit organization, has experienced great SUCCESS in the fight against recidivism with their Second Chance Program which facilitates workforce reentry for the ex-incarcerated.  Not only has it been able to integrate with the NYS Prison System, it has also been able to begin implementing programs throughout the US and abroad.  The volunteer force behind the RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division have provided the ability to enter the confines of the prison system and make changes for the outside from within.

RIFT SUCCESS, LLC is so proud of the hard work and progress our 2nd Chance Division has accomplished that we've decided to give them a gift a few days earlier than our 1 year anniversary.  RIFT SUCCESS, LLC officially passes the torch of the RIFT SUCCESS seal of approval to the RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division!  What exactly does that mean?  Well, that means that the RIFT SUCCESS original website template now belongs to the 2nd Chance Division.  The very work that has amassed us a large following and massive traffic is now officially the face of the RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division.  They deserve to know how much they mean to us and how honored we are to have them with this token of our gratitude.  Thank you to all who have made this possible!

Feel free to check out the RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Division's new website at www.riftsuccess.org

With the new gift to our nonprofit 2nd Chance DivisionRIFT SUCCESS, LLC faced a small issue...what happens to the RIFT SUCCESS website?  A dilemma that was solved by our wonderful development department, Team SUCCESS!  Team SUCCESS went back to the drawing board and restructured the entire RIFT SUCCESS platform from the ground up.  They've added new features, new content, new pages, disclaimers, a newsletter, and services.  But where will all of these things go if the original RIFT SUCCESSplatform is no longer available to RIFT SUCCESS, LLC?  The answer came in a brand new state of the art template to use on theRIFT SUCCESS website.  If you're reading this on our blog, then chances are you're already taking a look.  If you're reading this via other news sources, you need to definitely check it out at www.riftsuccess.com!

We anticipate wonderful and exciting things in our future and invite you all to become a part of the RIFT SUCCESS Family!

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