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Sunday, November 14, 2010

RIFT SUCCESS & Jaxi West Companies – A Partnership For SUCCESS

At RIFT SUCCESS it is our core belief that all business should be conducted efficiently, ethically, and professionally. These values are the driving force behind all our endeavors, and they lead the path for us to take great pride in accomplishing our missions, establishing our goals, and solidifying our partnerships. In an effort to continue our positive progression in the marketplace, we are honored to welcome Jaxi West Companies into the Team SUCCESS Family. As a partner, Jaxi West Companies injects a new essence into the RIFT SUCCESS model through Jaxi West’s own SUCCESS principles. An enigmatic, energetic, brilliant, and enthusiastic organization that strategically teaches any business it interacts with, how to harness its power and utilize its resources for maximum results.

“We are absolutely thrilled to add Jaxi West Companies as a partner,” says RIFT SUCCESS COO Jennifer Rasbach, “their drive, passion, and experience are a terrific addition to our organization.”

We caught up to RIFT SUCCESS CEO Junior Sanchez {LION} to get his personal take on the partnership, to which he responded, “I could not be happier with this union. Jaxi is an absolute delight to work with. She is the most dynamic, charismatic, brilliant, insightful, inspirational, motivational, knowledgeable executive I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her phenomenal perception, business prowess, industry diversity, professional mastery, communication finesse, project ingenuity, and networking dominance exemplify the very core of business and I am honored to know her. As her tagline so boldly states, “Not ‘Just’ a Business Consultant,” no truer words have been spoken; Jaxi goes well beyond the business coaching arena, she is a mentor, a facilitator, an expert, a master artist of her craft.”

About Jaxi West Companies, LLC

This business began in April 2007 with the underlying mission of empowering significant, sustainable change in undeveloped nations and championing those nations; primarily Africa. From April 2007 - December 2009, the business was called Building Lucrative Connections ~BLC. The company closely tied into the owner's beliefs and values and had been structured around that system.

In January 2010, Jaxi restructured her business model and in April 2010, 'officially' relaunched with her new personal name, Jaxi West. Jaxi's focus is now on helping Entrepreneurs, SME's, Government, Associations, Community Based Organizations & Non-Profits in an Executive/Business Consulting and Coaching realm. Jaxi's services also include helping individuals in the same manner, as a personal coach.

Jaxi has a B.A. in Criminal Justice, a B.S. in Hotel/Restaurant & Business, a Paralegal Certificate, & is a Certified Life Coach. She holds a TS Clearance until Sept. 2011.

Jaxi West Companies, LLC is a green and social contributing company rapidly making its footprint globally. This is done through monetary donations, time and contribution, and in leveraging power by sharing knowledge to help spread awareness and expand minds globally. Jaxi West Companies, LLC is an international business formed as a Virginia, USA LLC. Headquarters are in Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, FL.

Meet Jaxi West…

An energetic, optimistic, dynamic, savvy entrepreneur who leads with vision, influence, inspiration & sustainable strategy.

For over 20 years, Jaxi West has been working in a variety of industries holding different, advancing positions across the United States. Her experience became global when she started her own business in April 2007, when she was working privy investment projects in emerging and developed nations, such as Africa, Central America, UK, Mexico, Europe, etc.

Jaxi's Experience
Jaxi has been involved in the investigation (and legal) industry since the late '80s, and has moved throughout the segments - private, covert, public, government, civil and criminal - over her combined 17 years experience in this field.

Jaxi also has close to 25 years experience in the business environment. The predominance of Jaxi's experience is in administration, sales, marketing and management with small and medium size companies, a handful which were start-ups.

A valuable lifetime business experience, although non-positioned, was the insightful learning gained from years of sharing and questions with her grandfather about his company - a company he started from scratch with very little, and built into a multi-million dollar business, a leader in his industry.

It is through all this experience coupled with building and cultivating a vetted, elite global network over the years, that inspired and leveraged Jaxi to build and grow three companies and now her fourth: Jaxi West Companies, LLC.

What Jaxi West Can Do For You
Jaxi West Companies, LLC offers Entrepreneurs, SME's, Government, Associations, CBOs, and Non-Profits a full range of of Executive/Business Consulting and Coaching Services catered specifically to each company, agency or organization. Jaxi West Companies, LLC also provides customized Personal Coaching Services for individuals, from youths to adults.

Jaxi's approach is simple, yet extremely effective as she helps improve, grow, or transform you, your company, agency or organization with a combination of unique ideas, sustainable strategies and easy to implement, results-focused, powerful solutions. This includes some of the time-tested methods and strategies she has developed over the recent years.

While Jaxi's philosophy behind work is to have fun and enjoy what you do, her primary focus when she works with you is as serious as the nature of business.

What Jaxi Brings To You - Dedication
Jaxi dedicates herself to consistently providing you the edge, the tweak, the intelligence, the tactics, etc. necessary to keep you ahead, separate you from others, and help you thrive - while she establishes the platform for you to be self-sufficient in advancing on your own, once our work together is done.

A Peek Into Jaxi West
Personally, you will find Jaxi's explosive energy, light-hearted persona, passion for life and her positive outlook contagious! Professionally, you will find her sharp-on-her-feet, business savvy, entrepreneurial mindset coupled with her inspiration and influence, insatiable quest for knowledge, and her intuitive vision extraordinarily helpful to you - as you, your company, agency or organization evolve over the years.
The ultimate outcome is truly unlimited when you incorporate Jaxi's Consulting & Coaching Services into your professional or personal world. Her dedication, accountability, ethics and her own personal drive to make things happen, is what makes Jaxi West your best Silent & Strategic Partner In All Your Endeavors!

I love what I do, so let's see what we can do together! If you are intrigued, get in touch. ~ Jaxi West :)


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