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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Explosive Partnership with Rift Success! By Jaxi West

When choosing companies and individuals I want to align with, part of my selection process includes knowing they can be a valuable resource for prospects and clients. Rift Success is a prime example of that value. This NY based progressive HR firm can help individuals looking for work, and be the #1 choice for businesses seeking great talent.
Rift Success does more than just place candidates with companies. Anyone can do that. Their overarching philosophy behind each match, shapes their entire process from start to finish. This company was built on the owner’s value system, so the individual, not the ‘person with a resume’, is what is most important on the candidate side for CEO, Junior Sanchez {LION}. The level of care Rift Success/Team Success has for each individual is not something I have ever experienced in my occasional prior years when using placement firms.
Mr. Sanchez believes that everyone has something unique and valuable they can offer an employer, and he does his best to make sure those aspects are forefront and matched as perfectly as they can be, to the right employer. With the high unemployment numbers today, candidates are really starting to look the same on paper. It’s those differentiation points that Junior’s Team Success focuses on - no matter how big or small. They present the individual primarily because of who they are as a person; those significant attributes not captured on a resume.
The personal introductions and the way Rift Success stands behind each candidate - doing whatever it takes to help that candidate be prepared before they present them - is another level of care not always seen in placement companies. Rift Success uses this ideal to help prevent turnover, and this along with a thriving business, has earned him an outstanding reputation amongst his clients, colleagues and industry peers.
Jaxi’s Thoughts: “By far, Rift Success is one of my most synergistic partnerships to date. Since our first interaction, conversations have exploded with ideas, challenges and support! We share a lot of the same values; we have dedicated our lives to championing the potential and uniqueness in all individuals. We also think quite the same - progressive, not afraid to challenge and change the norms, always sparking innovation, and are constantly looking for new ways to improve the environment around us in the business community.”
“Rift Success is the surrogate of what Jaxi West Companies is built around - finding the edge, the distinction, the tweak that separates you or your company from others and “Shaking Things Up!” Junior Sanchez {LION} has been doing both since he launched his business. For all the other missions we are pursuing together, I almost wonder how this perfect match didn’t happen sooner. :)”
“Junior is a man beyond his years in vision, brilliance, creativity, and leadership. His energy, drive, focus and dedication has redefined the term ‘action oriented’. His genuineness makes him easily approachable to learn all this from him, and as a true entrepreneur, he is always willing to share and loves to help people. I encourage all businesses and individuals to reach out to him and his business and tap into his world. He’s the center hub everyone gravitates towards in a crowded room, but more humble than anyone in that room.”
“I am proud to stand by Junior Sanchez {LION} in all his endeavors, and I am especially proud and honored to form this Jaxi West Companies/Rift Success Partnership.” http://riftsuccess.com


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