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Wednesday, March 16, 2011



RIFT SUCCESS brings yet another strategic alliance into its realm with the affiliation of William, Clark & Associates, LLC. William, Clark & Associates, LLC specializes in debt collection, but unlike other debt collection agencies, they practice the beautiful art of finesse. We proudly join this wonderful organization in attempts to aid all our partners, colleagues, and additional affiliates.

William, Clark & Associates, LLC
- Specializing in business to business debt resolution.

There are many reasons why an account goes delinquent and each should be handled differently to increase the chances of successful resolution. Not all delinquent companies are "professional debtors." Some have disputes but most are suffering from business downturns or cash flow problems. The vast majority are "ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL". At William, Clark & Associates, LLC, our job is to change our client's name from Peter to Paul so their money becomes a priority to the debtor company. We pride ourselves on not just being collectors, but more importantly, investigators, analysts and arbitrators. We differ from our competitors in that we identify and try to solve problems to better effectuate collection of debts owed to our clients. Information is the key to making intelligent, informed decisions. It does not make sense to accept monthly payments from a company that has the means to pay the full amount owed, nor does it make sense to demand the full amount if the company does not have the money or the means to raise it.

Our methodology is simple...

We contact the debtor, identify why our client's invoices have not been paid, then explore any and all avenues to resolve the debt amicably. When we encounter an uncooperative debtor, we utilize internal and field investigators (larger balances), a network of experienced collection law firms, and numerous other collection tools to get a debtor's attention. Unlike our competitors, we have an attorney on staff to advise our collectors in resolving legal issues.


What distinguishes William, Clark & Associates from all other collection agencies is our belief that information is necessary to make intelligent, informed decisions on how best to proceed on our clients accounts. Through investigative resources William, Clark & Associates gathers information and analyzes it, which leads to informed collection decisions. The resources available to our collection staff include staff investigators, field investigators, licensed credit trained private investigators, data base reporting agencies and other credit investigation resources. The financial information we gather and develop enables our collectors to negotiate payment from a position of strength. We gather as much information as possible during the collection process so our collectors know what a debtor company can or cannot do.

Whether your delinquent accounts are hard core debtors or customers who need to be educated to pay on time, we will get results and help our clients maintain good business relationships. We act as an extension of your credit department. Give us an opportunity to help you achieve your primary goal; “ improving your company's cash flow and DSO ”. All we need to get started is a few pieces of basic information and we will begin the collection and recovery process immediately. Feel free to call us with the information on your debtors or simply fill out the recovery request form and fax it in.

Around The Globe

Collection disputes could be more readily resolved if you could only interface directly with the debtor, but often that may not be possible because of geographic distance. Whether your debtors are local, regional, national, or international, with our experienced staff, field investigators and credit trained private investigators, William, Clark & Associates can handle any account regardless of location and has the expertise to bring these accounts to quick resolutions. We have the unique ability to make that in-person meeting with your debtor a reality.

Quick Remittance

By the time you place an account for collection with William, Clark & Associates, you have waited long enough for your money. We understand this and get to work immediately to recover your money. What's more, we remit to our clients on a monthly basis. You have waited long enough. We won't make you wait too.

For More Information Please Contact

William, Clark & Associates, LLC


Raina M. Casbon
Commercial Collections Consultant
Toll Free: (888) 712-5338 ext.108
Phone: (504) 712-5338
Fax: (504) 712-5337
E-Mail: RainaC@William-Clark.net

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