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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Introducing The RIFT SUCCESS Network

Finding employees to fill open positions has proven to be a daunting task to employers, recruiters, and human resource representatives alike.  The job market is currently extremely competitive, and there are now thousands of job seekers applying to all jobs available.  One of the problems however, is that the recruitment effort is very scattered about the internet and those looking to find candidates for employment don't know where to turn.  Employment firms, staffing agencies, outsourcing companies, and job boards are effective methods to recruit, but with so many choices out there, employers are confused as to where to go.  Our CEO Junior Sanchez {LION} went to work on a process where RIFT SUCCESS can be the rift in the confusion and bring forth clarity and focus.  How?  By creating a place where employers and job seekers can find each other effectively, quickly, and successfully. 

"Cost efficiency is key in the Human Resources Industry," says RIFT SUCCESS CEO Junior Sanchez {LION}, "with the economy fluctuating the way it has been, companies and organizations have to account for every single dollar throughout the year.  Gone are the days of spending a budget freely due to economic uncertainty; now every budget has foreshadowed parameters it has to account for.  RIFT SUCCESS has helped thousands of job seekers and employers to meet each other and do what they do...work for the SUCCESS of their organizations and personal goals.  However, because of the demand in the employment sector, many companies have taken full advantage of the necessity to fill open positions and exploited employers without results...this had to stop.  Team SUCCESS and I decided to do something about this by ensuring its effectiveness and cost efficiency.  We heard the call from our colleagues and clients and have responded with the creation of the RIFT SUCCESS Network."

The RIFT SUCCESS Network, home of the RIFT SUCCESS Job Board is a place where employers and job seekers can connect to RIFT SUCCESS, RIFT SUCCESS - 2nd Chance Divsion, and both post & apply to jobs via the RIFT SUCCESS Job Boards.  Our job boards have millions of qualified candidates ready to fill employment positions that our clients are posting.  Our partnerships with Indeed, Simply Hired, Job Thread, eMarketing Silo, Vault, Sensational Jobs, Resume Director, Resume Rabbit, among others allows us to extend our recruitment arm throughout millions of channels while simultaneously remaining cost efficient to employers. 

Benefits of the RIFT SUCCESS Job Board include:

*30 Million plus job seekers available
*Millions of combined jobs
*Easy search
*Easy job posting
*Cost effective for employers
*30 day listings
*Postings at only $50 for 30 days

CFO Jessica Sanchez says, "When we became affiliated with Simply Hired, we didn't imagine the snowball that was in the making.  The response from our clients has been tremendous.  Some companies prefer job boards over traditional recruiting and temporary staffing agency recruiting, but want to work with RIFT SUCCESS.  This venue gives them the opportunity to do both while saving them time and money once again.  We thank all our clients, they created this opportunity for us, their demand for it gave us the fire we needed to make it happen.  They wanted an all in one place to take care of their employment needs." 

An Employment One Stop Shop, yes, that is exactly what the RIFT SUCCESS Network is!  A place to post jobs, find candidates, recruit, and fill open positions. 

"A colleague said to Junior at a conference, 'If people say that you're "magical" then wizard up an inexpensive job board where competitors can share the space.'  He did just that!  He aligned competing job boards under one roof and returned the power to employers, recruiters, and job seekers.  Not only is it cost effective at 30 day job postings for only $50, but it's simple to use.  No manual on how to post is necessary, a recruiter can take their existing job post and copy paste it directly to the site.  It's that simple!"  COO Jennifer Rasbach continues, "Wasting time is no longer an option, what the Human Resources field constantly seeks is convenience without jeopardizing results, the RIFT SUCCESS Job Board gives them the best of both worlds."

So there you have it, the best of both worlds and an Employment One Stop Shop brought to you as requested by RIFT SUCCESS.  Feel free to check out the RIFT SUCCESS Network and tell your friends...we'll be waiting with open arms to help you in the path to your SUCCESS!


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