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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prison Action Network - A Call To Action

In today's society we face many different struggles and seldom find those that are willing to stand up and make a difference in the lives of others. RIFT SUCCESS and the RIFT SUCCESS 2nd Chance Division have had the privilege to align ourselves with an organization that takes action in these struggles and make a difference in the lives of many. The Prison Action Network has set itself on a course that outlines change by bringing change directly to the leaders which affect it and Team SUCCESS stands proudly beside them in unity to bring change to the New York State prison system.

Judith Brink, Chair for the Coalition For Fair Criminal Justice Policies heads off this wonderful organization and is a very hands on and effective leader. The New York organizations that have joined her in the movement are a diverse and effective group whose involvement is quite extensive. Organizations such as The Sentencing Project, Albany Political Prisoners Support Committee, The Bronx Defenders, All Things Harlem, The Correctional Association of New York, among many others; have joined Judith and the Prison Action Network in order to fight the injustices and reform the existing system.

RIFT SUCCESS CEO Junior Sanchez {LION} says, "Judith is an absolute delight, her positive energy and enigmatic conviction are absolutely magnetic. Any one who comes in contact with her and the Prison Action Network is inspired to call themselves to action and fight on the behalf of others. I consider it a privilege for RIFT SUCCESS and the RIFT SUCCESS 2nd Chance Division to join in on the fight and know that to make a difference we have to collaboratively be the difference. My kudos to you Judith, you are a true leader that sparks positive action in all you come in contact with."

At the NYS Prisoner Justice Conference we were able to solidify our union with the Prison Action Network and praise their efforts on NYS Parole Reform. For more information and updates, please visit the Prison Action Network website at http://prisonaction.blogspot.com/ or follow their link on our Spotlight page.


Prison Action Network seeks to unite people who are incarcerated in NYS, people who have a loved one in a NYS prison, and people who care about the impact incarceration has upon our society. Once we learn we are not alone we can begin to work together to create a safer and more just society.

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