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Friday, July 15, 2011

Testing The Customer Advantage

At RIFT SUCCESS, we love to help others achieve their SUCCESS, for that very reason, we've decided to embark on a small quest with an up and rising star in the MLM circuit - The Customer Advantage.  The Customer Advantage's owner John Milanoski is a well-known internet marketer and entrepreneur whose claim to fame came from his Marketing Millionaire training system.  Through marketplace trends, he realized how much potential social media influence had and devised a way for it to benefit the local marketplace.  His strategy consisted of taking the socially driven consumer service offering local shopping discounts and added a network marketing structure.  This component differed his product from places like Groupon and Living Social.

The Way It Works

Like Groupon and Living Social, members join The Customer Advantage for free.  Each day the member is sent an offer from a local business to provide a product or service at a substantial discount, typically in the range of 50% off.   If the member wants to take advantage of the offer, they simply purchase the coupon that is being offered.  The business gains new customer traffic and potential sales volume and the member gets a great deal.

Here is where John's magic came into play, by adding network marketing as a component, the business is built around referrals of new members and thus increasing the chances of going viral.  When a member joins (all free), they are given a replicated website for the purpose of soliciting new member enrollments.   When the personal referral of the member makes a coupon purchase, the referring member receives 5% of that purchase.  The member will also receive a 5% override commission on all members in their downline through 5 generational levels.   When a member enrolls a local business, they will receive 2% commission on all sales made through the offers made by that local business.

Why RIFT SUCCESS Liked This Idea

The RIFT SUCCESS Family not only thought that this concept was brilliant, but we realized it would help consumers as well as businesses everywhere.  As a business, we know that what businesses can do to acquire new customers is advertise.  One of the best ways to advertise is to offer their clients deals, so twofold, this was a homerun for all businesses.  On the consumer end, everyone loves a deal, what better way to get one than to get it from a friend or colleague for no charge unless the coupon interests you.  Many of us have bought discounted reservations to restaurants, shows, products using sites like Groupon...however, the thought that one could possibly make back even a fraction of what was spent is terrific.

The Customer Advantage opened up their doors to the public and have invited businesses along for the ride, a ride RIFT SUCCESS is certainly not going to miss.  We'll put this to the test and see if it delivers.

Check out our own Customer Advantage page at http://riftsuccess.thecustomeradvantage.com/  and see for yourself.  The best thing is, it doesn't cost you a single cent!
The Customer Advantage
The Customer Advantage

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