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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RIFT SUCCESS Enters MMA Cage Fighting

What?  Yes, you read it right, RIFT SUCCESS enters MMA Cage Fighting.  Has RIFT SUCCESS CEO Junior Sanchez {LION} finally lost his temper and entered the cage?  No, but he has approved RIFT SUCCESS, LLC to enter the MMA ring in a different arena.  What?  RIFT SUCCESS, LLC proudly announces that it will sponsor Destiny MMA and its prize fighter Johnny Espinoza.

In a press release RIFT SUCCESS CEO Junior Sanchez {LION} states,  "It was an honor we could not pass up.  Destiny MMA owner John Santa Maria is a leader whose focus on helping fighters fulfill their destinies is fueled by his passion in the sport and his love of helping others.  His Mixed Martial Arts School keeps young men out of trouble and teaches them to believe in themselves, there was no way I could say no.  Alongside Tony Durso and Trent Weston we will ensure that Destiny MMA fulfills its destiny of providing the next wave of champions to the world."  He continues about Destiny MMA's prize fighter Johnny Espinoza, "Johnny is absolutely incredible!  He's a hard worker, relentless, unyielding.  He owns the ring once he steps inside of it, honestly I feel sorry for his competition.  But what gets me about Johnny is that even though he is a vicious fighter, he is a great guy outside the cage and very respectful of his opponents, which makes him a great guy inside the cage.  I'm excited to see where his prosperous career will take him."


STORY OF A CHAMPION - Johnny In His Own Words

I made plenty of mistakes but have no regrets.  Try to learn and grow from every misfortune and broken relationship.  Always looking for ways to better myself and become the best me, I accepted the fact that I am not perfect.  I love helping others and teaching kids.  Inspire to make this world a better place, and make a difference in people's lives.  Love to have fun and enjoy every moment.  I look up to the MAN above!


Destiny MMA is a Mixed Martial Arts school out of California.  Under the mentor-ship of owner John Santa Maria, Destiny MMA has had 3 fighters achieve Gold Medals in Las Vegas over the past year.  One of their fighters Richie Placentia won a match at the International Fight Showdown against a kick-box champion.  In addition, it has several fighters soon to obtain high media exposure.  Destiny MMA is the place that powerhouse Johnny Espinoza calls home.

The Destiny MMA Creed

Strength - Courage - Discipline - Vision - Respect


-Punch TV National Exposure: 80 million viewers potential for each episode with 40 episodes on their Black Belt Blvd. program beginning February 11, 2011. Destiny MMA will have several fighters on the show and will give their best efforts to have a fighter on each week.

-Rising star Johnny Espinoza has three fights planned starting with the King of the Cage fight in San Manuel Casino, California, scheduled for March/April 2011. This has the potential of appearing on Pay-Per-View. Johnny is training hard to win all fights to eventually arrive at the UFC, which is the pinnacle of cage fighting.

RIFT SUCCESS, LLC believes in making dreams reality and gladly sponsors Destiny MMA, John Santa Maria, and Johnny Espinoza in their mission to make a difference in the lives of many.

For more information on Destiny MMA, to find updates on Johnny Espinoza, or to learn how to become a sponsor, please visit:


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