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Monday, September 27, 2010

Kevin Womble Picks Up The B.I.T.S. n Pieces

Life is not easy on the inside, and it certainly is no picnic on the outside, one man however, found the courage and will to make a difference.  Kevin W. (I.B. Wise)
Womble Sr. grew up involved in a hard-knocked life which introduced him to the hard hand of the prison system.  Like most ex-incarcerated individuals, upon his release he found that life after prison is not so easy.  It is extremely difficult to find employment, housing, support, but rather than being a victim, Kevin became a victor and picked up the pieces of his life.  "I know from experience how hard it is for an ex-felon trying to get back into the work force, trying to get their life back on track to survive,"  Kevin continues, "I have been home from a 5 1/2 year term in prison since 11/06 and have yet to find anyone who will hire me because of my convicted felon status.  For this reason, I have created a network whose objective is to offer ex-felons advice, options, information, leads, and whatever else can be offered to help alleviate the staggering 81% unemployment rate among ex-felons."

Kevin's network B.I.T.S. (Back In To Society) delivers just that, a wealth of information aiding ex-incarcerated individuals through partnerships with many advocacy groups, people, and organizations.  RIFT SUCCESS has had the pleasure of joining forces with B.I.T.S. and can help it further in its cause.  RIFT SUCCESS CEO Junior Sanchez {LION} says, "B.I.T.S. has embarked on a path that not too many are willing to take.  The amount of stigmas and opposition they face is tremendous, I commend them for their work."  He adds,   "Kevin is a brilliant man with a cherished soul, it is truly an honor to know him and be a part of his network."  

B.I.T.S. (Back In To Society)

Back In To Society is a key to help those who are faced with the struggle of being an ex-convict.  With the unemployment rate as high as it is and the mindset (that seems to be) once a criminal always a criminal, we who are trying to get our lives back on track have little help.  Our mission here at B.I.T.S. is simple, give ex-felons the opportunity to find the help, tools and the incentive to get back to reality. We firmly believe in the second chance system, we know it wont be easy but it is possible to give that second chance to get lives, family and dignity back. We also know that we cannot do it alone and this is where you come in.  The main thing we need here is whats already out there:

Information, resources, Support Groups, Training Programs, jobs, anything that might be of some help.

We are determined to make B.I.T.S. a productive resourceful bank of information that will provide assistance to ex-offenders that need assistance with finding employment, support groups, training programs, and anything else that will keep hope alive. The objective is to give an alternative to doing the wrong thing, we know where that leads, INCARCERATION. 

Visit us online at http://backintosociety.ning.com
B.I.T.S. urges all members and projected members to do the following:

1) Once you have signed up and your membership is approved go to the members page and reach out to link friends.
2) Any and all information you can provide can be posted on page one or on your page in the comment box.
3) Send out invites to family and friends letting people know what we are trying to accomplish.

The information you submit will help someone in your general area and that is what we want. This is not a local drive being that the Recidivism problem is global.  We thank you for your continued support.

RIFT SUCCESS stands beside you B.I.T.S.!

Where do YOU stand?

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  1. Congrats to my good friend I.B. for starting a great movement